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Dr. Powers’ online Natural Pharmacy and Store is your best resource for safe and proven natural solutions, and only includes supplements and products evaluated by Dr. Powers for safety, efficacy, and value.

To receive supplement benefits and avoid common pitfalls requires competent supplement guidance.

Dr. Powers provides supplement recommendations based on nearly 4 decades of training, research, and clinical experience in nutritional and natural medicine, and offers:

  • Customized Personal Nutrition Prescription (for his clients)
  • Dr. Powers' Foundational and Self-Care Formulas (available soon!)
  • A list of supplements generally safe without individual guidance (Review Dr. Powers' Safe Supplement List here)

Supplements are now necessary to achieve optimal health due to:

  • Nutrient-depleted food (refined, processed, pesticides/GMO) = loss of valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants
  • Increasing toxic body burden (medication; chemicals; heavy metal; plasticizers; etc.) = increases nutrient need
  • Compounding sleep debt (blue-light/EM-stress; late nights) = decreases nutrient utilization
  • Prevalence of GI issues (dysbiosis; leaky gut; weak digestion; poor absorption) = decreases nutrient absorption
  • Omnipresent unmanaged stress (less socialization via electronics; less movement/exercise) = stress hormone imbalance negatively impacts digestive function and gut health = affecting nutrient digestion and absorption = decreases nutrient utilization and increases nutrient need!

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