Read Before Ordering Supplements

For your safety, please ONLY ORDER supplements from:

  • Your customized Personal Nutrition Prescription (PNP) – prescribed by Dr. Powers for active clients
  • Dr. Powers Formulas:

- Foundational Daily Supplement Formulas (available soon!)
- Self-Care “PAX” Formulas (available soon!)  

  • Dr. Powers’ Safe Supplement List – which includes supplements and products that are generally safe to take without individual guidance by a qualified practitioner.

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SUPPLEMENTS can be ... helpful, useless, or harmful.

Supplements can be a game changer when consistently taking the "right" ones in the correct amounts.

Dr. Powers wants you to get the most benefit and value from your supplements, and wants your investment of time and money to be well spent. Here's why ...

Supplements can either:

  • Provide a meaningful health benefit
  • Have little to no health impact
  • Potentially do more harm than good

… depending on what supplements you take and how much.  

Why gamble with your health?

To receive supplement benefits and avoid potential pitfalls requires competent guidance. Dr. Powers provides supplement recommendations based on nearly 4 decades of training, research, and clinical experience in nutritional and natural medicine.  

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