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A better map = better results

If you wanted to drive to San Francisco, you might need a map to help guide you there. If following this map kept getting you lost, and you consistently ended up some place other than where you wanted to be, you would probably look for a new, more accurate map. Right?

Similarly, the 'map' or course you have been following to regain and maintain your health has resulted in the level of health you are currently experiencing. Clearly, it is only reasonable to assume that if you would like a different outcome (better health), you'll have to try something different … a new map.

My goal with you as a new client is to gain a much clearer picture of not only what is happening in your body that produced the health challenges you are experiencing, but also why it is happening, and how it happened. (click here if you would like to become a new client)

A better map is then available to guide you to the destination you seek … one that encourages healing and a new level of vitality.

However, a better map is only one piece to the 'maximize-your-health-potential' puzzle ...

Health promotion is an 'inside-out' game

First, it is imperative that you realize that what you can do for yourself - with the right direction, understanding, and support - is far more powerful and effective in regaining and maintaining your health, than anything I can do for you. Let me explain…

Although I've incorporated many of the latest therapeutic breakthroughs into my practice to assist in your healing process, ultimately how you progress in the long run has everything to do with your thorough understanding and implementation of the healthy habits that actually create health in your body and mind.

Remember, your health, or lack of, is primarily the product of everything you think, feel, and do, day-in and day-out. Any health challenge, disease process, aches, pains, or anything else you are experiencing, are usually a consequence of, and always impacted by, your thoughts, feelings, and actions over time.

A more accurate map that expands your mind, fosters a more nurturing experience, and guides what you do in a way that is consistent with your body's natural design, is instrumental to your health and healing.

Developing 'healthy habits'

Once you have a more accurate map on hand, the next piece of the puzzle is all about consistently applying what you learn (that encourages healing), until the new health-promoting concepts become normal and natural 'healthy habits' for you.

These healthy habits become the cornerstone of your healing process. As you establish more and more healthy habits over time, you'll be providing your body with more of the nourishment and critical resources it needs to function and heal more efficiently and completely. Feeling and looking better become the natural and inevitable result. (click here if you would like to become a new client)

Good intentions + no action = more of the same

After evaluating, supporting and coaching thousands of clients over the past 31 years, I can say with reasonable certainty that the best intentions without appropriate and consistent action are powerless.

In other words, even if you know what caused your health challenges and you know what to do to correct them, unless you apply what you know on a daily and consistent basis, it is unreasonable to expect any significant change or lasting improvement in your health.

Education and effective support are KEY

To firmly establish your new healthy habits into your daily routine, consistent, reliable education coupled with effective support will be critical to your staying on track with your commitments. Its inevitable - without an authentic knowledge base and on-going source of inspiration - human nature takes over, and your old entrenched habits that have been in place for years, tend to win over your best efforts. The result? More of the same, which adds up to your continued needless expenses, frustration, and struggles with your health.

The process of changing habits, like the ones contained in your new map, requires ongoing encouragement and reinforcement. Research shows that to establish new habits, we also need to be reminded again and again, until the new routine has been firmly integrated.

The combination of one-on-one consultations coupled with client-education classes, online resources, and recommended reading provides multiple ways to learn while receiving the critical on-going support and coaching.

Your role … and mine

After reviewing your new map with the essential steps necessary for cultivating and restoring your health, I will clarify your first steps to take from there. After that, the fun begins as you progress on your healing journey, learning each new step and gain a greater understanding and insight into why you're doing it!

My role is then to monitor your progress, adjust your program accordingly, and coach you along your way to feeling, looking, and functioning better than you have in years!

Now, let's begin!

If this makes sense to you and you are ready to begin living your best life, I invite you to click here to become a new client and get you feeling, looking, and performing your best!

Dr. Richard Powers

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