How long will it take to feel better?

Healing is a journey - and well worth your effort!

Contrary to popular belief, there are no real short-cuts to healing, as it does take some time to restore health. The good news is that you will likely see evidence of your healing sooner rather than later.

Look for these signs (like a greater sense of well-being, more energy, better sleep, balanced mood, less pain, etc.), and use them as evidence of your recovery to fuel and motivate your next 'healthy' step.

Increased resistance to infection, improvements in weight and shape, minimizing your risk for developing cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, etc., and an energized, vital, and greater sense of well-being, naturally result when you give your body more of what it wants … and less of what it doesn't.

Changes made overnight, usually last about that long!

Slower changes are usually better, for they allow an easier transition from your old habits to your newer, healthier ones. The new habits tend to 'stick,' too, when you don't try and rush the process.

Remember, having a body and mind that allows more feelings of freedom and joy is where you're headed, so the whole journey becomes gratifying, instead of dreadful.

Proceeding at a pace that is comfortable helps you enjoy your journey and the inevitable benefits that await you!

What is your body trying to tell you?

So often our automatic response to pain is to try and get rid of it as quickly as possible, with little thought as to what caused it and why. However, know that whenever you feel pain (or other symptom), and when you develop a health challenge (disease), your body is speaking to you, warning you that something is wrong.

Your body is telling you that something has to change if you want your body (or mind) to function differently - better. The only sensible course of action to stop the pain becomes finding out what has to change … and then change it! The million-dollar-question is: What do you need to change … and how? (click here if you would like to become a new client)

So, when will you feel better?

Symptomatic relief is inevitable as you live more and more in accordance with your natural design. It really isn't feasible to try and predict exactly how you will respond to your program and by when.

Rest assured, though, that as you replenish and nourish your body, you symptoms will abate, which will translate to your feeling better over time.

To help accelerate your progress and afford you some additional relief along the way, know that my office is equipped with effective treatment approaches, as well as botanical, homeopathic and other natural 'medicines'.

These remedies can often go a long way in supporting your recovery and relieving many symptoms, while avoiding the inevitable side effects associated with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Every journey begins with the first step.

If you are ready to begin feeling better, I invite you to call and take your next step. Schedule some time to discuss your health challenges, and come up with a plan that can fast-track you to living your best life. (click here if you would like to become a new client)

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