Understanding Your Immune System

Understanding Your Magnificent
Immune System!

Your immune system is a marvel of nature and your best friend.
(Please read that sentence again!)

How it goes about protecting you is an intelligently designed, phenomenally delicate balance of complex processes and systems. Its purpose is essentially to distinguish between what is 'you' (or belongs in 'you'), and that which isn't 'you' (or doesn't belong in 'you'). It then goes about its business of getting rid of what isn't 'you', and thereby keeping you safe.

Your immune system's proper and efficient function determines whether you are susceptible to infection, promoting the development of cancer, hypersensitive to allergies, prone to autoimmune diseases … or not.

What are some of the 'non-you' creatures? Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and even cancer cells, which used to be 'you', but, through a consistent series of insults to the body, are no longer 'you'!

That's why cancer is so deadly … it no longer is part of 'you', loses communication with 'you', no longer serves any useful function for 'you', and just divides rapidly over and over until it starts to crowd out your real 'you' cells', interfering with their function.

When given everything your immune system needs to do its job properly and completely, your immune system works beautifully in keeping you out of harms way.

The result? Cancer cells are kept in check; bacteria and viruses don't have half a chance to set up home in your body; you can play in the yard and garden without unpleasant allergy symptoms, and all is well.

By the way, when all is working properly and efficiently, this whole process occurs almost entirely 'under the radar', meaning that you don't feel it working; you're rarely sick; you feel vital and youthful, etc.

However, things go amuck if your immune system is missing some critical pieces necessary to do its job (restful sleep, low stress, nourishing diet, appropriate exercise), or if it has to deal with excessive amounts of toxins that foul the whole system up.

The result? … cancer, infection, allergies, and autoimmune diseases - depending on your specific combination of circumstances.

What can you do NOW to begin

  • Schedule your Immune Screening, and get a quick assessment of some key indications of your immune health
  • Request an Appointment with Dr. Powers to help clarify simple and practical steps you can take to maximize your immune function and increase your resistance to infection, including evidence-based immune supportive supplements.
  • Take some research tested Immune Boosting Supplements!

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