Supercharge Your Immune System!

How to Supercharge Your Immune System!

The FIRST step is to ...

to function at Peak Efficiency!

  • Get to SLEEP earlier … as this is when your body heals and repairs itself from the previous day, including recharging your immune system.

  • MOVE your body more … the key being to consistently exercise in a way that strengthens your immune system. Exercising improperly or too intensely can have a very definite negative impact on your ability to resist infection.

  • Improve your STRESS resiliency … as unmanaged stress has a clear and debilitating effect on your immune system and opens the door to infection.
  • NOURISH your body:
    • Fuel it with high quality, nutrient dense, whole, organic food … just like putting high octane fuel in your car, your body and immune system definitely works better if it has the proper building blocks it needs to create healthy immune cells.
    • Ensure that you have an adequate supply of micronutrients … without a sufficient supply of all of these critical nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.), your immune response will be considerably lower and infection risk higher.

The NEXT step is to ...
  • Avoid SUGAR and processed foods … as your immune cell activity drops way off for hours after consuming sugar, and processed foods that quickly turn into sugar in the body. During this time, you are a sitting duck, for your immune protection is on 'vacation' an unavailable to react to your body's invaders (Swine Flu and other viruses, bacteria, etc).
  • Lower your TOXIC burden... as accumulating toxins in your body hinders your body's ability to resist and respond to infective agents - like the Swine Flu virus, staph bacteria (MERSA), etc.!

Some TOXIC sources: Non-organic food; non-purified water; household cleaners; cosmetics; personal hygiene products; wrinkle-free clothes; fertilizers; preservatives; artificial coloring, artificial flavoring; artificial sweeteners; indoor air; silver "amalgam" fillings in our teeth; large deep sea fish; etc.)

What you can do NOW to ensure
your Immune System is operating
at Peak Efficiency:

  • Schedule your Immune Screening, and get a quick assessment of some key indications of your immune health, and what you can do to maximize its function.
  • Request an Appointment with Dr. Powers to help clarify simple and practical steps you can take to maximize your immune function and increase your resistance to infection, including evidence-based immune supportive supplements.
  • Begin taking some research tested Immune Boosting Supplements!

Here's the KEY:

When you're not treating your body consistent with its natural design, and as Nature had intended it to be cared for, things stop working properly - including your Immune System! 

Susceptibility to infection becomes the inevitable result, as does a very long and common list of other health challenges:

    • Fatigue
    • Headache
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Joint pain, especially in multiple joints
    • Mood swings
    • Food cravings
    • Confusion
    • Digestive complaints
    • Tired
    • Need caffeine to get through the day
    • Overweight

So, to Supercharge Your Immune System, begin your day with ...

  • an exhilarating walk as the sun rises (exercise)
  • as you breath deeply and completely (detoxification)
  • while you appreciate your body and feel great! (stress management)


  • enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal (nutrient replenishment)
  • and later on, settle in for a peaceful nap! (restorative sleep)

And, remember to:

S-M-I-L-E !

... the natural face-lift that raises your Spirit and
Supercharges Your Immune System!

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