'Priming' Your Immune System!

'Priming' Your Immune System!

There are two very unique and effective substances that have been shown to help 'prime' the immune system, ImmunotiX and IgG 2000.

Before explaining the tremendous potential value of these two products, its important to clarify exactly what is of any possible concern regarding the flu, and particularly, the Swine Flu (H1N1).

The two most common potential emergencies when getting the flu are:

  • Pneumonia: Getting a secondary infection, like pneumonia, is what claimed so many lives back in the Flu Epidemic of 1918. Primarily due to unsanitary conditions, many who caught the flu secondarily caught pneumonia and died.

    This is much less likely to occur today due to the generally more sanitary environment in which we live in.

  • Cytokine 'storm': When your immune system becomes aware of a viral invasion, a series of immune reactions naturally occur to contain and destroy the viruses. More often than not, the immune process proceeds in a benign, albeit uncomfortable, fashion.

    Occasionally, an unusually rapid release of immune stimulating molecules (cytokines) occurs, resulting in a 'cytokine storm.' This unhealthy immune response is life-threatening, and requires immediate emergency medical attention.

    This type of reaction, a 'cytokine storm,' is much more common when the virus is bio-engineered (man-made). Unfortunately, some evidence suggests that the Swine Flu H1N1 is, in fact, bio-engineered. Also, if your immune system isn't adequately prepared, or 'primed,' for the infection, a cytokine storm is more likely (though still uncommon).

HERE'S THE KEY: The prepared immune system is less likely to experience this type of "over-reaction."

To help 'prime' your immune system and help prepare it for a 'healthy' immune response, consider daily dosing of:

Note: Argentyn 23 First Aid gel provides sting-free antibacterial help for minor cuts and scrapes!

To learn more, see Immune Boosting Supplements, and Supercharging Your Immune System!


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