Immune Boosting Supplements


First ... before considering the benefit of supplements, I want to emphasize the importance of making sure you are giving your body the "foundational essentials" for ensuring a healthy immune system:

  • a nutrient-rich diet
  • plenty of restorative sleep
  • the right type and amount of daily, nurturing exercise
  • reducing your toxic exposure
  • a daily 'belly' laugh ... or at least a smile or two!

If you need some help clarifying the most beneficial, safe and effective steps to take with the above, Request an appointment and learn what to do, and how to practically incorporate it into your busy life!

Then , consider taking some evidence-based, immune boosting supplements that have been demonstrated to be safe and effective at increasing your resistance to infection...

Immune Boosting Supplements:

Current research studies show that Immune Protection can be significantly enhanced with daily supplementation of some specific natural substances.

Note: When compared to a number of commonly used immune supportive supplements (like echinacea, goldenseal, mushroom extracts), the ones noted below have been shown to produce a far superior immune response (ref: University of Louisville, 2006)

Here are my top 3 recommendations for affordable, effective immune protection: (all below are helpful; for advice regarding which one(s) might be best for you, request an appointment with Dr. Powers )

  • ImmunotiX more info >> - 1-3, 1-6 Whole Particle Beta Glucan (WPG) 'primes' immune system in preparation for healthy immune response.
  • IgG 2000 more info >> - Serum derived immunoglobulins that help conserve the body's own immunoglobulins, making them more available to fight infection ( GI Protect for children)
  • Immune Support Core more info >> - Andrographis improves resistance against colds and flu; Alert! This product is NOT recommended if you are pregnant or may become pregnant.

An easy and simple way of supporting your children's immunity:

Mix ImmunotiX with Probio Defense and cherry-flavored GI-Protect for a delicious, safe and effective immune enhancing drink! Kids will love this ... while you enjoy more peace of mind!

All Products mentioned above are
available at our Clinic Pharmacy.

Stop by to pick up, we can ship it to you!
(Call for pricing and to place your order at (772) 283-4046.)

Nutrient Replenishment:

Supplementing your diet with nutrients that you are deficient in and that directly impact your health and ability to heal, is also wise when shoring up your immune system.

What nutrients are you deficient in?
Clues about your nutrient status can be gleaned from some combination of the following:

  • Dietary habits (from your Lifestyle History form)
  • Dietary checklist
  • Urine tests (Vit-C; Vit-E; Calcium)
  • Blood tests - standard (iron/ferritin; RBC-magnesium; 25-OH-Vit-D; etc.)
  • NutrEval (or ION) Blood test (most vitamins, minerals, omega-3 oils; antioxidants)

Aren't sure what nutrient supplementation your body needs?
A Holistic Health Screening will certainly help you determine some of your 'gaps'. Alternately, a nutritional consultation with Dr. Powers will help get you on the right track, too! (
Schedule a Holistic Health Screening or a Consultation with Dr. Powers)

  • Zinc is a commonly deficient trace mineral essential for wound healing, detoxification, energy transformation, and immune function
    • Recommend: Zinc Glycinate more info >>
    • Dosage: Dose according to your screening results*
      • Alert! Overdosing of zinc can be harmful, and correct dosages are based on individual need.
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids helps maintain healthy antioxidant recycling necessary for keeping your immune system ready to go
    • Recommend: Bio C 1:1 more info >>
    • Dosage: Dose according to your screening results, dietary intake or organic fruits and vegetables, etc.*
  • Vitamin A is another hormone-like vitamin that directs multiple aspects of our body's functions, including our immune system
    • Recommend: Mixed carotenoids included in Mature Essentials more info >>
    • Dosage: Dose according to your NutrEval blood test results; dietary intake of organic vegetables, etc.*
      • Alert! Excessive intake of Vitamin A can be harmful, and correct dosing is highly variable and based on individual need, especially if your are pregnant or may become pregnant.
  • Probiotics supplementation helps ensure a healthy balance of intestinal flora ('friendly' microbes), and as a result, a healthy immune system (60% of your immune system is wrapped around your intestinal tract, and its function is directly linked to the health of your gut)
    • Recommend: ProbioMax Daily more info >>
      • Alert! Only specific strains and combinations of probiotics have been proven effective.
    • Dosage: Dose according to your screening results, health and medical history, dietary intake of organic fermented foods, etc.*
  • EPA/DHA-rich purified fish or krill oil is the active form of omega-3 healthy fats, and their common deficiency in the diet is linked to immune deficiency, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and more.
    • Recommend: OmegaPure 780 more info >>)
      • Alert! Some sources of fish oil are toxic, and improper dosing can be harmful.
    • Dosage: Dose according to your screening results (according to your fat-soluble antioxidant reserves), etc.*

* Important Messages about DOSAGES and MEDICATION!

Too much is just as bad as too little:
It is not wise to just dump a lot of nutrients into your body without knowing what is safe to take; how much to take; and when to take it.
Beneficial and safe dosages are based on your specific individual need.

Alert!  Schedule your Immune Screening or a Nutritional Consultation to find out what supplements your body is thirsting for. (Request an Appointment)

If you are taking any Medication:
There are many drug/nutrient interactions that can affect the effectiveness of your medication.

Alert! If you are on medication, consult your doctor before taking any supplements, or Request an Appointment.

BUYER BE AWARE: Not all Supplements are ALIKE!

The quality, content, and purity of supplements are not regulated by the FDA. That means that you have no assurance that you are actually purchasing what you think you are buying. For example:

  • Amount of supplement: When buying supplements (Vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotics, fish oil, etc.), you have no certainty that the dosages indicated on the bottle is actually contained within. (Some samples of vitamin E supplements tested had almost no vitamin E in it!)
  • Purity of supplement: You have no assurance of whether or not the supplement you are purchasing contains any impurities or additives that renders the product unsafe to consume. (For example, some fish oil sources of omega-3 healthy fats contain toxic PCB's and mercury.)

This is why it is so important to:
Only purchase supplements that have been independently and randomly assayed for purity and content by a qualified, "third-party" lab.
(Not sure? Request an Appointment)

BUYER BE AWARE: How much to take is critical! 

Even if the supplement contains exactly (and only) what is listed on its label, knowing how much to take determines whether your taking the supplement will do more good than harm:

  • Ratios of nutrients in supplement: Preserving specific ratios of certain vitamins and minerals is critical to receiving their benefit. (For example, improper ratio of Zinc to Copper can create imbalances in the body resulting in more harm than good.)
  • Dosages of supplements: Taking too much of a supplement (vitamin, mineral, fish oil, etc.) can also do more harm than good.

This is why it is so important to:
Be sure you actually know what supplements to take, and how much to take, before just "dumping" them into your body and hoping for the best!
(Immune Screening)

All Products mentioned above are
available at our Clinic Pharmacy.

Stop by to pick up, we can ship it to you!
(Call for pricing and to place your order at (772) 283-4046.)

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