Bolstering Your Child’s Immunity

How to Bolster Your Child's Immunity!

School is in session, and there is so much in the news about preparing for a possible Swine Flu outbreak, and that you and your kids better get their Swine Flu shot when it becomes available.

Not sure what to do? Worried about the side effects associated with the Swine Flu vaccine? Not to fret, as there is much you can do to bolster your child's immune system safely, while helping to keep them out of harms way.

Proper Nourishment:

As one might expect, the more nourished your child is, the healthier their immune response will be to keep bacteria and viruses in check.


More whole, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - rich in phyto-nutrients (plant source nutrients), fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Hint: Try offering more of the fruits and vegetables they already like, and experiment with small quantities of new, colorful, choices.

Less sugar and sweets, as immune cells become 'sluggish' for hours after consuming a 'regular' serving of sugar found in many snack foods today

Hint: Keep on hand alternate snacks, like nut butter on whole grain crackers or on celery or carrots. Another favorite is a slice of whole grain toast, almond butter, banana slices, few walnut pieces, and some cinnamon ... delicious! In general, offer snacks sweetened with honey, available now in many grocery stores, and in most health food stores.

Alert! Best to avoid artificial sweeteners, as evidence links their consumption to a number of child's health problems, including behavioral issues like ADD and hyperactivity, as well as to obesity.

Limiting dairy products and gluten-containing grains (wheat, barley, rye) may be useful, as more and more children are reacting to these foods, weakening their immune system.

Alert! Suspect a problem here? We can help you find out if any food sensitivities are impairing your child's immune system, or affecting their behavior.

Keep whole, unprocessed foods in the kitchen, and steer clear of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors, flavors ... artificial anything! Accumulations of these substances has been shown to dampen our immune response, and have deleterious effects on brain function.

Plenty of Restorative Sleep:

Statistics reveal that we are getting about 1 ½ hours less sleep per night now then we had 20 years ago. It sure doesn't help that our kids have to get up during the wee hours of the morning to get to school on time.

This decrease in sleep time coincides with a significant and consistent increase in infections, childhood obesity, childhood diabetes, and other health challenges.

There is also a significant body of research linking accumulating 'sleep debt' with impaired immune response. Children need far more sleep than adults, in the neighborhood of 10 hours, or more.


Be sure your children get to bed early enough to get the immune-supportive sleep they need - at least 10 hours! Also, turn TV and computers off at least ½ hour before bedtime to ensure more quality, restorative sleep.

Hint: Get a DVR (or TIVO) and record shows that your children enjoy, and have them watch them earlier in the evening.

Alert! Limit the use of TV, computer, and video games, especially within an 1/2 hour before bedtime. The electromagnetic energy impacts our neurochemistry and physiology in ways that result in poor quality sleep. And, non-restorative sleep translates into a weakened immune state, lowered resistance, and susceptibility to infection.

Fresh Air and Exercise:

Exercise is so critical to your children's development of their muscles, bones, and cardiovascular system. Proper functioning of their lymphatic system, a key component of their immune system, requires movement, as well.


Schedule and arrange outdoor activities for your children, even for a ½ hour.

Hint: Try and plan some time outdoors with your children. It's a 4 for 1: fresh air, exercise, fun, and quality time with your kids! (Don't forget to include your dog, too!)

Natural Remedies:

Be ready for the expected unexpected! Keep on hand some proven, safe, natural remedies to support your child's immune response if and when they need it.


Acquire a safe and effective home remedy kit that can help provide immediate support for many childhood needs.

Hint: Argentyn 23 gel is safe and effective as a natural external 'antibiotic.' Silverlon bandaids work real well to prevent infection. (Contact us for additional recommendations.)


Natural, quality, properly selected supplements can go a long way in bolstering your children's immunity.


An easy and simple way of supporting your children's immunity is to mix ImmunotiX with Probio Defense and cherry-flavored GI-Protect for a delicious, safe and effective immune enhancing drink! Kids will love this ... while you enjoy more peace of mind!

In addition to the immune boosting "drink" noted above, the addition of some omega-3 oils rich in DHA and certain probiotic formulas can significantly and predictably boost your children's immune function.

Alert! Do not experiment with brands and dosages especially when taking fish oils and probiotics, as the wrong brand and dosage could potentially do more harm than good.

Hint: Schedule an appointment with Dr. Powers for specific and individualized supplement recommendations for your child.

What can you do NOW to begin

  • Schedule an Immune Screening, and get a quick assessment of some key indications of your child's immune health!
  • Request an Appointment with Dr. Powers to help clarify simple and practical steps you can take to maximize your child's immune function and increase their resistance to infection, including evidence-based immune supportive supplements.
  • Start them on some research tested Immune Boosting Supplements!

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