Already have Flu Symptoms?

Think you might have flu symptoms?

If you feel it is an emergency, call 911 and go to the emergency room.

Otherwise, contact your primary healthcare provider for guidance. (Request an Appointment)

Then, review the following immune supportive steps that can be quite helpful in assisting your body with its healing process:

1st: Always emphasize the essential fundamentals (e.g., more sleep/naps, eat lighter w/ more nutrient dense food, light exercise - nothing heavy; some paced breathing; stretching/yoga...)

2nd: Reflect on what may have stressed and/or weakened your immune system; make new choices in the future

3rd: See if there is any underlying "below the radar" issue or message within the illness, e.g., providing you with a 'time out' to see something that you've been 'missing'

4th: Determine if your 'gut' health might be a weak spot, interfering with a healthy immune response

5th: Determine most compatible immune support remedies: Request an Appointment as soon as possible with Dr. Powers (and a possible a LSA screening) to clarify and outline your best recovery options

If your immune challenge appears to be FLU related, consider*:

If your immune challenge appears to be ALLERGY related, consider*:

Plus, consider the Custom Sinus Spray formula that I have available at the office for direct sinus contact treatment.)

If doesn't appear to be allergy nor flu related, consider*

Again, discuss your particular situation with Dr. Powers to help determine which products, and at what dosages, might be SAFE and most appropriate for you. (Request an Appointment).

Worried about 'germs'?

In summary, to Supercharge Your Immune System, begin with ...

  • an exhilarating walk as the sun rises (or sets), as you ...
  • breath deeply and completely, while you ...
  • appreciate your body and feel great!


  • enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal, and ...
  • settle in for a peaceful nap!

And, remember to:

S-M-I-L-E !
... the natural face-lift that also raises your Spirit and
Supercharges Your Immune System!

What can you do NOW to begin

  • Schedule your Immune Screening, and get a quick assessment of some key indications of your immune health
  • Request an Appointment with Dr. Powers to help clarify simple and practical steps you can take to maximize your immune function and increase your resistance to infection, including evidence-based immune supportive supplements.
  • Begin taking some research tested Immune Boosting Supplements, noted above!

Your Magnificent Immune System:  The ABC's of your amazing Immune System!

How Strong is Your (or your child's) Immunity? How susceptible are you, or your child, to infection?

Supercharge Your Immune SystemWhat you can do today to boost your immune function!

Bolster Your Child's Immunity!  A must-read if you have a child in school or pre-school!

Flu Vaccines: More Harm than Help? Think a Flu Shot will help protect you and your family?  Please read this!


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