LOOKING, FEELING, AND FUNCTIONING BETTER ... isn't that what we all want? How healthy we are, or aren't, has everything to do with the quality of our work, our relationships, our play time, and of our life.

Pursuing our dreams, playing with our grandchildren, crawling through our garden, performing well at work, relating with our family, even handling our day-to-day activities and responsibilities ... all require a properly functioning body and mind.

As our health declines, so goes our smiles, joy, and appreciation of everything we love and care about. When restored, though, we again get to experience life to its fullest.

As a holistic physician and Certified Health Coach with well over thirty years of clinical experience, I can help you identify your specific health needs, and then guide, inspire, and support you as you move through your healing journey and become more health-responsible.

I am here to carefully listen to your health concerns, evaluate your specific healthcare needs, and then guide and support your looking, feeling, and functioning to your genetic potential.

I would be honored to be your doctor and Health Coach, and to assist you in creating more vibrant health, vitality, and inner peace.

In the spirit of Health-Responsible Living, 

Dr. Richard Powers

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  • "If you're looking for a great doctor who can cure your incurable, undiagnosable diseases and set you on the right path, Dr. Powers is the man."
    -Amy F.