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Are you seeking assistance with your health, regardless of your health condition - be it diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mood swings, chronic fatigue, headaches, knee pain, etc.?

Are you hurting, tired, or depressed and want to feel better again?

Do you want to improve your weight and shape, and do so in a wholesome and lasting way?

Do you wish to avoid a common family fate, like cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer's?

If so, you are not alone. Many people are struggling with these types of health challenges. The good news is that by investigating the often overlooked and unaddressed underlying causes of your health challenges, new safe and effective solutions become available to you.

If you are sick and tired of not being able to live the life you want to live, I invite you to become a client.

Together we can uncover what has been undermining and sabotaging your health, revealing those steps you can take to accelerate your healing process.

Through an open and honest partnership, coupled with evidence-based holistic medicine, there is likely much we can accomplish together to improve how you feel, look, and function, and live more aligned with your true health potential.

Your health is indeed your most precious asset. Learn how to regain it, maintain it, and then protect it.

In the spirit of empowering health-responsible living,

Dr. Richard Powers, DC

Hello! My name is Dr. Richard Powers and welcome to

I create
d this website to provide my clients and the general public with an authentic and reliable healthcare resource, containing trustworthy guidance and useful links to help them learn more about what truly and predictably creates health.

The website also serves as an
introduction to my services, as a Holistic Physician and Chiropractor.

Why consult a Holistic Physician?

It is often challenging for people to know who and what to trust when it comes to their healthcare guidance. They are bombarded with tips, programs, and advice from the media, friends, family, the internet, as well as from various healthcare practitioners, all with sometimes very different answers to their questions.

Many have shared with me that they are often more confused than helped by the wide range of contradictory opinions and advice, and with good reason. Here is why the "recommendations" are so varied, and range from helpful to potentially harmful:

  1. Much of what is shared is based on short-term or individual results. In their enthusiasm to share something that seemed to work for them, many people assume that the benefits they experience are sustainable, and will help others similarly.

  2. Antiquated models of healthcare form the basis of many opinions. Staying abreast of the most recent advances and developments in diagnosing illness and in promoting health is time-consuming, costly, and challenging. So, advice is often based on antiquated, inefficient if not ineffective, approaches.

  3. Inability to decipher research studies leads to inaccurate guidance. For most (people, agencies, the media, etc.), it is difficult to be able to differentiate valid research findings and results, from erroneous, and often biased, research conclusions about what helps vs. hurts us.

  4. Advice is often based on limited knowledge of how the body functions. Without the benefit of a thorough understanding of the multiple complexities of the human body and how it responds to change (like from supplements, drugs, exercise, etc.), it is difficult to come away with safe, clear and truly helpful guidance.

So, it is understandable why so many people are led to decisions about their health based on ill advice or incomplete information, producing limited, and potentially harmful, results, and expenses they can't afford or didn't expect.

Expert Guidance + Proper Support = Results

While accessing authentic information is beneficial, my experience suggests that most people need assistance with uncovering the underlying causes of their health condition. They also require some personal guidance, monitoring of their progress, and on-going coaching, to sustain their efforts, and ultimately, to help them reach their health goals.

It is with this in mind that I offer the most authentic and evidence-based diagnostic testing, nutritional advice, treatment options, and educational tools available, to safely and efficiently promote healing and prevent disease.

As a Holistic Primary Care Physician, I also oversee all aspects of one's health, clarify additional treatment and diagnostic options, analyze and interpret any lab and testing results, and refer to other medical specialties and alternative modalities, as indicated.

Evidence-based, Wholesome Guidance

Recommendations I share on my website, as well as with my clients in consultation, are predicated on the most current, valid, and evidence-based medical and nutritional research.

My suggestions are also based on observing my clients' response to care over the past thirty years, and the result of on-going collaboration with some of the finest traditional and non-traditional medical minds and hearts in healthcare today.

I wrote each article with the emphasis on safety, practicality, and effectiveness, with the ultimate goal being that this information will assist people in making better, more informed decisions about their health.

My hope is that these articles and direction (and links within) will reveal new possibilities for safely and predictably improving one's health and quality of life, while minimizing much of the unnecessary suffering and early demise that is far too common today.

Why is my approach so effective, even when others haven't been?

I utilize the principles of Functional Medicine, which focuses on looking below the "surface" where the true causes of illness originate.

Functional Medicine is personalized, science-based healthcare that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of symptoms and chronic disease.

A core aspect of my approach is to teach, inspire, and support you in improving your health and quality of your day-to-day living through the use of the most beneficial and efficient health interventions and educational resources available today.

Health Insights:

Below is a list of articles soon to be available on my website.

Note: I am continually updating and revising articles, so be sure to visit my website regularly to take advantage of the latest information on healthcare.

  • Common Causes of Health Challenges
  • Nutrition and Natural Medicine
  • Nutrient Supplementation: Why is it necessary?
  • Low-level "Cold" Laser Therapy
  • Graston Myofascial Treatment
  • Understanding Your Immune System
  • How Strong is Your Immunity?
  • Supercharge Your Immune System
  • Bolstering Your Child's Immunity
  • Immune Boosting Supplements
  • Flu Vaccines: More harm than help?
  • Already have flu symptoms?
  • Swine Flu: What to do?
  • Swine Flu: Politics and Fear Mongering
  • FDA: Mercury teeth fillings may harm some
  • Schedule of classes and presentations by Dr. Powers.

Dr. Powers says ...

“If you give your BODY more 
of what it wants

(right diet; proper exercise;
restorative sleep) 

and less of what it doesn’t,
(toxic burden; unmanaged stress;
chronic infection)

you’ll get more of what YOU want
(vitality & vibrant health)

and less of what you don’t."
(pain; disability; infirmity)


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