SHAPE SHIFT: What doesn't work ... and why

Why is losing weight so easy,
and keeping it off so difficult?

Primarily because most people are trying strategies that have been repeatedly shown to not last!

Here are a few examples of proposed solutions that are doomed to fail:

  • Attempts to control the Energy Equation: Most are told that they gain weight simply because they are putting in more calories (eating too much), then they are burning (through exercise), and that the solution is to try and control this 'energy equation' by eating less (dieting), and burning more calories through intense exercise.

    The truth is that research and clinical experience has demonstrated that you are not in control of your metabolism and how much fat is 'burned' versus stored...your body's Shape Intelligence is actually in control! (See section on 'Natural Weight'.)

Attempting to control the amount of calories your body stores as fat is never a long-term solutions. Therefore, the following approaches to improving your weight and shape ... have very little chance for success:

    • Suppressing your appetite by forcing yourself to eat less than you want to eat
    • Exercising excessively
    • Avoiding food groups, like fats or carbohydrates
    • Calorie resticting, which has been shown to cause depression, anxiety, guilt, self-blame, binge eating, apathy, neurotic behavior, psychosis (see: WW II - Minnesota Experiment)
    • Using stimulants, like fat-burning stimulants, which carry health risks, and aren't long term solutions, as the body ultimately learns how to adapt to this artificial attempt to raise your metabolism
  • Medication: Although their effect is underestimated, many medications actually induce your body to produce and/or to hold on to more body fat.
  • Weight Cycling: Repeatedly losing and gaining weight (from repeatedly dieting) increases the amount of body fat and weight your body wants ... and will be sure it has!

    One reason is that each time you restrict food (diet), your body interprets this 'dieting' behavior as 'starvation', and then sets out to stock pile body fat for the inevitable next starvation period! So, whenever you eat, your body prefers to turn much of it into fat, instead of burning it for energy. The result? You get fatter and lazier!

    As if this wasn't enough, your Shape Intelligence then increases your overall appetite and cravings for carbohydrates and poor quality fats; down-regulates your metabolism; and makes you feel 'lazy' so you don't want to exercise. Any of this sound familiar? Well, you're in good company.

There are so many different and conflicting weight solutions that you often end up 'weight cycling' as you jump from one 'diet program' to the next ... which inevitably convinces your Shape Intelligence to create and hold on to even more fat and weight!

Weight cycling from repeated dieting:

      • Slows down your metabolism
      • Causes you to lose muscle
      • Increases your body fat stores!
  • Genetics falsely accused: Finally, to ensure your lack of success, many are led to believe that genetics plays the major role in their weight and shape challenges, resulting in feelings of hopelessness and apathy, an attitude that there isn't really any solution ... and ultimately, to additional weight gain.

To begin a safe, tried-and-true, practical and sustainable approach to lasting, healthy weight and shape changes, call our office at (772) 283-4046, and tell Christa you're ready to begin your Shape Shift® program, and she'll get you scheduled for your Shape Shift Evaluation. (Or, you can click on this Request Appointment link, and leave us a message.)

Let us help you make friends with your body again and align with the wisdom that built it, sustains it, and regulates your metabolism, weight, and shape!


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