SHAPE SHIFT: Revolutionary New Book!

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Revolutionary New Book Now Available!

Shape Shift: The Shape Intelligence Solution

Have you solved the mystery of your shape? Many haven't. Well, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Percival have, and they reveal their review and findings of 80+ years of weight loss approaches and research, chock full of wholesome guidance in this landmark publication.

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To support your shift in shape as you read through and apply what you learn in the Shape Shift book, Shape Shift Community Support Classes have been created to help ensure your on-going success. Monthly body composition measurements are included in your monthly membership, at no additional charge.

These valuable classes provide the coaching, Q&A, and support often needed when making lifestyle changes, and offer a safe, collaborative and enthusiastic setting to learn and share as you shift your behaviors, shift your lifestyle, and shift your shape!

In addition to the evidence-based, research-backed lifestyle guidance and advice, Shape Shift helps you create a whole new way of thinking about weight loss and health that better equip you to meet the complex challenge of improving weight and shape in a sustainable way.

To ORDER your Shape Shift book, call (772) 283-4046, or click here to order online. (The Shape Shift book is only $28.95, and comes with FREE Shipping and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*!)

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*100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If after reading Shape Shift you don't feel that this book was worth far more than what you paid for it, return the book to me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price. I offer this no-risk guarantee to encourage you to get and read Shape Shift, as I am confident that as you apply the recommendations within, your weight and shape, self-esteem, and vitality, will all improve in new and lasting ways.


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