Weight Loss

Let us help you make friends with your body again and
align with the wisdom that built it, sustains it, and
regulates your metabolism, weight, and shape!

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Losing weight is easy.

Preventing the lost weight from coming back ... now that's hard, or so it seems for most!

Have you ever wondered ... ?

  • Why your body resists your efforts to change the way it looks?
  • Why any lost weight returns so easily and readily?
  • Why people who rely on eating less and willpower are doomed to see their weight go up and down like a yo-yo?
  • Why strategies based on trying to control the amount of calories we consume, and the amount of energy we burn, eventually fail?

Learn the answers to these questions and many more within the Shape Shift® program. Even more importantly, begin to learn what you can do to improve the way you look, feel, and function!

Oh no! Another Diet?!

Far from it. The Shape Shift® program isn't about restricting fat, counting calories, or restraining you from eating what you're craving. Nor is it about exercising till you're exhausted or injured.

Instead, this innovative and evidence-based approach explores with you the many behaviors and lifestyle habits that makes you feel 'lazy', increases your appetite, while 'driving' you to crave the foods that worsen your shape and weight.

The Shape Shift® program helps you re-establish a 'friendship' with your body, and create a new understanding that paves your way to your looking, feeling, and functioning better ... while getting to keep the remarkable changes! This common-sense approach to lasting weight and shape changes naturally lead to:

  • More Energy
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Better Cholesterol Ratios

...that can be sustained with relative ease, as it should be - yet rarely is.

The Shape Shift® approach forms the foundation of those guiding, wholesome, scientifically validated, principles to assist you in improving the:

  • Shape of your body!
  • State of your health!
  • Quality of your life!

If you have struggled with any of these vital areas, the Shape Shift® program is the answer to the weight and shape challenges you have been living with.

If you lose weight overnight ...
... that is about how long it will take
to gain it back!

If life-long weight and shape improvements is what you are looking for, there are no tricks or shortcuts. Its all about learning the many subtle yet powerful cues that your body is monitoring to determine how much fat your body needs, and where to put it.

Once understood, the confusing puzzle of improving your weight and shape becomes much clearer, and how to make lasting changes in how you look, feel, and function, become simple and even obvious.

Welcome to Shape Shift® ...

the natural, safe, and sustainable
approach to improving your weight and shape!

Shape Shift® introduces ...

3 KEYS to successfully making and keeping healthy changes in your weight and shape!

1. Follow AUTHENTIC guidelines - that clarify the real, and largely unknown, lifestyle factors that influence your weight and shape!

If you wanted to drive to San Francisco and you had an inaccurate map, you would probably have difficulty getting to your destination, right?  Likewise, many people fail to achieve their desired result when pursuing strategies to improve their weight and shape because the recommendations they are following, their 'map', is flawed, or at best, incomplete.

Uncovering the 'hidden' causes of your weight and shape challenges is critical to your success. Once revealed, a new course can be plotted, as you make your day-to-day, step-by-step, adjustments in the way you think, how you feel, and in what you do.

The Shape Shift® guidelines are based on the most current research and clinical experience, and helps people identify their 'tipping points' that are worsening their weight and shape, such as:

The Shape Shift® approach is practical, simple, and effective, and has been demonstrated to be instrumental in leading people to safe and lasting changes in their weight and shape.

    • incorrect meal timing
    • macronutrient imbalances
    • nutrient insufficiencies
    • sleep debt
    • excessive toxic burden
    • unmanaged stress
    • inappropriate exercise
    • hormonal imbalances
    • underactive thyroid

2. Monitor your SHAPE - and body composition changes (fat, muscle, water), and not just your weight!

Is your goal to lower your weight, or is it to improve your shape, the way you look ... your attractiveness?  And, there are many ways to just lower the numbers on your scale, but what are you losing - fat, muscle, water, bone, or what?  Are you getting healthier, too, while those numbers are declining on your scale - and is that important to you as well?

Many people do lose weight as they learn and implement their new Shape Shift® strategies, however, people consistently share that what they really want is to change the way they look, the way their clothes fit, and the way they 'present' themselves out in the world. We chose Shape Shift® as the name of our program as it reflects its primary goal: to assist people in improving their appearance - their shape.

Accurately and regularly monitoring our clients' shape and body composition, along with other biomarkers indicative of improvements in their health and vitality, is a core aspect of the Shape Shift® approach.

3.  Establish a network of SUPPORT - a Certified Shape Shift consultant, and other Shape Shift participants, to learn from, and to encourage and inspire you!

Even with an accurate 'map' to guide your way, is it really practical to expect to consistently apply what you learn without a support network to provide encouragement, inspiration, and accountability? Not for most.

Its so important to keep your 'eye on the ball', and it is too easy not to, with all the distractions and obligations in our lives, coupled with the fact that just about everyone around you is following a different 'map'.  Intrinsic to the Shape Shift® program is to have several places to turn to for the on-going support that most require to maintain their focus and enthusiasm.  

As your Certified Shape Shift® consultant, I will guide, support, inspire, monitor, and encourage you, while assisting you in establishing and expanding your own personal network of support.

If you don't do something
about where you are going ...
you are going to end up
where you are headed.


  • THE INCREDIBLE PROGRESS YOU HAVE MADE IN LOOKING, FEELING, AND FUNCTIONING BETTER through your participation in your Shape Shift® program;



To begin your Shape Shift® program, call our office at (772) 283-4046, and we'll get you scheduled for your Shape Shift Evaluation. (Or, you can click on this Request Appointment link, and leave us a message.)

Do it, and you are well on your way to your looking, feeling, and functioning better than you have in years!

To learn more about the Shape Shift® program, click on this Why is losing weight so easy, and keeping it off so difficult? link.


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