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Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS: Daily Supplement packets

Before ordering Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS, or even before learning about the tremendous value to be gained from taking Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS, please take a few minutes to first learn the supplement basics by clicking here.

Research shows that the “right” daily supplementation will help you feel and function your best, while lowering your risk for cancer; heart attacks; strokes; diabetes; Alzheimer’s; and most chronic disease.

Dr. Powers saw there was not an “off-the-shelf” daily supplement formula that contained the most commonly deficient and necessary supplements that people needed, and that was safe, effective, affordable, convenient to take, and guaranteed for potency and purity.

So, based on data from thousands of patients over more than three decades, he formulated his own.

Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS provides unique, evidence-based, daily supplementation that virtually everyone can take every day to help “reverse” aging; produce energy; and feel their best.

These prepackaged supplement packets are ideal for someone desiring to take supplements to help fill the more common nutritional gaps in their diet, and don’t have the need and/or budget for a customized formula (and who can swallow capsules).


Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS daily supplement packets contain:

  • The most commonly deficient nutrients revealed after measuring 1000’s of patients over 35+ years
  • Only the highest quality ingredients in safe, effective quantities, and optimal “forms” and ratios
  • Nutritional dosing at specific times to achieve the greatest benefit (i.e., chrononutrition)
  • Convenient prepackaged, daily-dose packets delivered directly to your home for under $4 a day

Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS contains enough of the right supplement “support” to make a real and meaningful difference in how you feel … while helping you prevent disease!

Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS provide:

  • A balanced mix of bioactive vitamins, Albion-chelated minerals, and ultrapure EPA/DHA to fill inevitable nutritional gaps in key areas:
    • Multi-vitamin/mineral formula = (2) Active Nutrients (without iron)
    • Vitamin C = (1) X-Cellent C (add’l 750 mg. of buffered Vit-C)
    • Vitamin D = (1) D3-2000 (add’l 2000 IU of natural Vit-D3 (cholecalciferol)
    • Magnesium = (1) OptiMag 125 (add’l 125 mg of Albion chelated Mag. glycinate/malate)
    • Fish oil = (1) MonoPure 650 EC (equivalent of 900 mg of EPA; 390 DHA (IFOS, enteric coated, "pre-digested," Fish Oil)
  • Researched, strain-specific probiotics in therapeutic quantities to promote gut health, improve digestion, and bolster immunity
    • Probiotic = (1) ProbioMax Daily (30 billion, Bifidobacteria.; L. acidophilus; and L. plantarum)
  • Antioxidant and detoxification support to help neutralize the negative impact of daily toxic exposure
    • Antioxidant & Detox support = (2) XenoProteX (high-potency antiox./botanical blend)

Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS – conveniently dosed, individual AM and PM packets:

  • Manufactured by Xymogen, Inc. for the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade supplementation
  • Ideal for adults (>18 yrs) who wish to supplement their diet
  • Cost $3.95 a day ($119 for a 30-day supply) and FREE SHIPPING; autoship option available
  • May be ordered online at the online store at www.HealthCoachDoctor.com.

Dr. Powers ESSENTIALSIngredient Details

  • Each supplement in Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS has been carefully selected to fill the most common nutrient deficiencies Dr. Powers has measured in his patients over the past 35+ years.
  • Each ingredient in Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS is dosed at a level to benefit you if you are deficient, while helping to maintain optimal levels if/when you are sufficient.
  • Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS is safe to take on a daily basis to feel your best and to prevent disease.

    (Note: Check with your physician before taking any supplement, especially if you are on medication.)

MULTI-VITAMIN/MINERAL FORMULA = (2) Active Nutrients capsules (without iron)
A foundational mix of the most needed and relevant vitamins and minerals; intentionally contains no iron (iron supplement not recommended without blood testing indicating the need, e.g., ferritin; etc.).

  • B-vitamins are in their “bioactive” forms which are more easily utilized by the body, e.g., 5MTHF vs. folic acid; P5P vs. pyridoxine; methylcobalamin vs. cyanocobalamin; etc.
  • Provides Albion chelated minerals for superior absorption and assimilation of minerals.
  • Formulated with sufficient quantities (and appropriate ratios) of vitamins and minerals to provide maximum health benefit.

VITAMIN C = (1) X-Cellent C capsule
More Vitamin C is added as insufficient levels have been found in virtually all patients tested.

Beyond its antioxidant value and support of immune function, Vit-C is important for healthy collagen formation (skin/wrinkles; hair; blood vessels; joints; etc.); gums; eyes; fat metabolism; and hormone balance.

  • Provides 750 mg of buffered Vit-C which is a sufficient dose to help correct inadequate levels, yet low enough to avoid loose stools (sometimes associated with very high doses of Vit-C intake).
  • The Vit-C is in a buffered form to reduce stomach/GI irritation sometimes associated with Vit-C supplementation.

VITAMIN D = (1) D3-2000 gelcap
Additional Vitamin D is included as low levels are extremely common (as measured as 25-OH-Vit-D in blood). In addition to assisting with calcium absorption from the gut, Vit-D sufficiency is critical for immune function; controlling inflammation; and regulating insulin sensitivity.

Low-levels have been associated with increased morbidity (disease, like cancer) and accelerated mortality (early death).

  • Provides 2000 IU of natural Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – sufficient dose to help replenish low levels, yet moderate enough to avoid any risk of “over-dosing.”
  • Although seemingly counter-intuitive to find low levels of a sun-exposure dependent vitamin in southern states (e.g., Florida), low levels of Vit-D are common even in “sunny” environments due to multiple metabolic factors (toxicity; genetic variability; competing enzymes; etc.).

MAGNESIUM = (1) OptiMag 125 capsule
Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the human body, yet it is the most commonly deficient intracellular macro-mineral (about 80% test low).

Low levels affect brain health, blood sugar, detoxification; and may precipitate muscle cramps, arrhythmias, headache, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety.

  • Provides 125 mg Magnesium glycinate/malate (as an Albion chelate), the form of which affords easier absorption (from the digestive tract), and improved utilization.
  • Although many people may benefit from 2-4x this amount of supplemented magnesium (revealed via blood testing), supplementing 125 mg of magnesium glycinate daily will provide the body with a beneficial quantity of this key mineral.

ANTIOXIDANT & DETOX SUPPORT = (2) XenoProtX capsules

We live in the most toxic environment the world has ever known.

Excessive toxic body burden has the potential to sabotage one’s health on many levels, including blood sugar (diabetes); bone health (osteoporosis); cardiovascular health (heart attacks; strokes); cancer; Alzheimer’s; and more.

  • Provides an evidence-based blend of antioxidants, botanicals, and other unique, proprietary substances in specific quantities that safely and effectively neutralize free radicals, protect our cells, and promote detoxification.
  • Contains Oncoplex (glucoraphanin); Resveratrol (trans-Pterostilbene); Tumeric extract (curcuminoids); DIM (diindolylmethane); NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine); Calcium-D-Glucarate; Green tea extract; Milk thistle extract; a-Lipoic Acid; Quercetin/DHQ; Methylselenocysteine; 5-MTHF.

FISH OIL = (1) MonoPure 650 EC gelcap

Omega-3 fats (i.e., EPA/DHA) as found in certain cold-water fish, are a critical component of our 10+ trillion cell membranes, and needed for brain health; insulin sensitivity; immune function; regulating inflammation; and for optimizing metabolism.

Unfortunately deficiencies are common and have been linked to infertility; heart attacks; strokes; obesity; Alzheimer’s; cancer; diabetes; etc.

  • Provides the equivalent of 1290* mg of EPA/DHA (900 mg of EPA and 390 DHA) providing a meaningful and significant “dose” to supplement daily intake (e.g., from Alaskan salmon); and to help replenish common omega-3 insufficiencies. (*due to 3X greater absorption rate of the "pre-digested"  fish oil (650 mg of MaxSimil Fish Oil Concentrate); which translates to less fish oil and a smaller softgel for easier swallowing and digestion.
  • Contains Alaskan IFOS, 5 Star, certified Fish Oil Concentrate, which is the highest level of purity (even beyond “molecularly distilled”), i.e., low levels of oxidation = greater beneficial effect.
  • The high quality of this fish oil coupled with the enteric-coating reduces the incidence of fish oil “repeat,” especially when taken with food (as directed).

PROBIOTIC = (1) ProbioMax Daily DF capsule (dairy free)

The balance of microorganisms in our “gut” (microbiome) directly impacts digestion and absorption of nutrients from our food; plays a key role in immune health and autoimmune disease; and has been shown to affect brain health (Alzheimer’s); stress management; blood sugar regulation; and cardiovascular health.

Dysbiosis (or an imbalanced gut “flora”) is very common and predisposes one to poor health, chronic disease, as well as to colon/colorectal cancer.

  • The purpose of a probiotic supplement is to help reinoculate the gut with specific “healthy” bacteria in order to help bring the gut flora back in to balance.
  • The goal is to improve digestion; nutrient absorption; immune function; and to lower one’s risk for developing most chronic diseases (noted above).
  • This formula contains the specific genera and strains of (probiotic) bacteria, in sufficient quantities, shown in research studies to result in a real, measurable health benefit. (Note: Most probiotic supplements do not contain research-proven genera and strains).
  • Provides a total of 30 billion colony forming units as: 15 Billion CFU* of Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 + 15 Billion CFU* of mix of Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14; Lactobacillus plantarum Lp-115; Bifidobacterium longum Bl-05 (*colony forming units).

Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS arrives in a “roll” in a box, individually packaged as follows:

Breakfast packet (4 capsules):      Dinner packet (5 capsules):
Active Nutrients w/o iron (1 cap)    Active Nutrients w/o iron (1 cap)
ProbioMax Daily (1 cap)                 D3-2000 (1 gelcap)
X-Cellent C (1 cap)                        OptiMag 125 (1 cap)
MonoPure 650 EC (1 gelcap)        XenoProteX (2 caps)

A Supplement Facts sheet listing each ingredient and quantity available online.

To order Dr. Powers ESSENTIALS, go to online store at www.HealthCoachDoctor.com