Shape Shift Evaluation

Find out those "hidden" causes that are undermining your attempts to improve your weight and shape!

What underlying causes of weight gain do we evaluate in your Shape Shift Evaluation?

We have specifically selected tests to help reveal many of the hidden causes underlying most people's weight and shape challenges, particularly:

  • Nutrient Deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, ...)
  • Sleep Debt (insufficient restorative, quality sleep)
  • Unmanaged Stress (exceeding your stress resiliency)
  • Inappropriate Exercise (too little movement, not enough, or inappropriate exercise)
  • Excessive Toxicity (exceeding your body's natural toxicity tolerance)

What do we test during your Shape Shift Evaluation?

To gather some of these critical weight-regulating clues, we utilize the following painless and harmless testing procedures:

Nutrients Deficiencies tested that can affect Weight Regulation:

  • Calcium (urine test)
  • Vitamin C (urine test)
  • Zinc (zinc tally test)
  • Vitamin E (oxidata urine test)

Toxic Burden evaluated that can affect Weight Regulation:

  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity test (a special vision test revealing toxicity)

Unmanaged Stress screened that affects Weight Regulation:

  • Heart Rate Variability (reveals stress damage to body)
  • Postural Blood Pressures (screens for impaired stress adaptation)

Weight and Shape biomarkers that establish starting point and monitor progress:

  • Bio-Impedence Analysis (accurately measures body fat, muscle weight, and water)
  • Waist Measurement (documents the dangerous VAT fat levels)

How do you get your Shape Shift Evaluation results?

You will receive your test "score" results in writing, complete with an explanation of each test result and its meaning. 

To help you interpret your results, Dr. Powers will meet with you during a private 30-minute consultation. (There is no additional fee for your consultation.)

During your consultation, you will have an opportunity to ask any questions, and will leave with a much clearer understanding about why it has been difficult to lose and keep off the weight, and exactly how to proceed to create lasting, healthy weight and shape changes.

Click here for a Sample of a
Shape Shift Evaluation Results Report.

How much does the Shape Shift Evaluation cost?

The Shape Shift Evaluation, which includes the 10 tests (noted above), and your private 30-minute consultation with Dr. Powers, is $235.

How do you schedule your Shape Shift Evaluation?

Call our office at (772) 283-4046 or Request an Appointmenthere, and you're well on your way to looking, feeling, and functioning better than you have in years!

What's next after your Shape Shift Evaluation?

Equipped with a much clearer picture of how to go about re-programming your "Shape Intelligence," you will know where to head to begin reshaping your body.

On-going coaching, guidance, and monitoring of your progress will be available to help ensure your continued success.



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