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Diagnostic Evaluation Technology

To clearly map out how we can best help you, we need to better understand what is undermining your health and well-being. To do so, we check for nutrient deficiencies; review your exercise and sleep habits; and evaluate your stress management and toxic burden.

In addition, evaluating underlying health challenges (usually resulting from these aforementioned key areas) is helpful, though depends on your condition and health & medical history.

These areas may include your:

  • Thyroid
  • Blood sugar
  • Hormones
  • Digestion & Gut health
  • Immune function
  • Bone health
  • Cardiovascular & Cancer risk
  • Oxidative stress.

Innovative assessment tools are necessary to gather the critical clues to uncover the often hidden and multiple causes of your condition.

Which testing is selected for your evaluation depends on your individual needs, specific challenges, and personal health goals.

These may include some combination of the following SAFE and HARMLESS testing procedures:

Stress, Sleep & Toxicity Tests:

  • BIO-IMPEDENCE ANALYSIS (measures body composition and other valuable biomarkers indicative of overall health and vitality)
  • HEART RATE VARIABILITY (provides clues of unmanaged stress and sleep debt)
  • VISUAL CONTRAST SENSITIVITY (a special vision test that screens for indications of heavy metals and bio-toxin toxicity)

Mineral Taste "Tally" Tests:

  • ZINC

      Low levels of any of these minerals are indicative of deficiency.

Urine Tests:

  • OXIDATA (indicative of fat-soluble antioxidant deficiency, e.g., Vit-E, CoQ10)
  • VITAMIN C (indicates low levels of Vit-C)
  • CALCIUM (indicative of calcium levels)
  • MULTI-STIX TESTS (functional screen for kidney, liver, infection, inflammation, diabetes, pH, occult bleeding, etc.)
  • IODINE (+ bromide; fluoride) (needed for thyroid and breast health)

Blood Tests:

  • NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES (e.g., Vit-D; iron; Vit-B12; calcium; etc.)
  • THYROID function
  • LIVER health
  • KIDNEY function
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM balance
  • CHOLESTEROL-LIPID metabolism
  • BLOOD SUGAR regulation (diabetes screening)

Specialized Tests:

  • BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE analysis (monitor progress of bio-identical hormone therapy; breast and prostate cancer risk factors)
  • TOXIC METAL analysis (toxic accumulation in your body of mercury, lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals that damage cells and cause fatigue and poor health)
  • COMPREHENSIVE NUTRIENT analysis (blood/urine tests measure 30+ critical nutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential fats, CoQ10, etc.)
  • GLUTEN, CELIAC & FOOD SENSITIVITIES (linked to autoimmune diseases; thyroid issues; poor brain health; digestive conditions; and much more)
  • GUT & DIGESTIVE FUNCTION (GI problems; "Leaky" Gut; SIBO; dysbiosis; etc.)

Disease Risk Testing:

  • BREAST CANCER risk (via urinary hormone metabolites; salivary hormone levels; N-Galase; L. Acid testing; breast thermography and ultrasound)
  • PROSTATE CANCER risk (via urinary hormone metabolites; salivary hormone levels; free PSA; PSA-density and velocity; PCA-3 testing)
  • OSTEOPOROSIS test (urine Bone Resorption test for bone health and monitors progression of osteoporosis and/or osteopenia; DEXA)
  • HEART ATTACK & STROKE risk (oxidized LDL is predominant biomarker for heart attack & stroke risk; plus hs-CRP; homocysteine; fibrinogen; platelets; etc.)
  • ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA risk (nutritional analysis, e.g., Vit-D, DHA, etc.; blood sugar regulation; chronic infection/viral load testing; gluten/food senstivities; Ox-LDL/vascular damage; chronic stress/hormone testing; heavy metal/toxicity; etc.)


  • POSTURAL BLOOD PRESSURES (3 tests to screen for high blood pressure and out-of-control stress)
  • WAIST MEASUREMENT (higher numbers track closely with Metabolic Syndrome and many degenerative diseases)
  • RESTING PULSE (elevated values correlate with disease risk)
  • OXYGEN SATURATION (indicates lung function)
  • VITAL SIGNS (temp; height; weight; etc.)
  • MUSCULO-SKELETAL (back; neck; extremities; etc.)
  • HOLISTIC PHYSICAL (signs revealing internal disorders)


  • Only tests that we feel are valuable and pertinent for you are recommended.
  • We ensure you understand the purpose of each test recommended.
  • No ultimatums around testing. We move forward with testing only after your approval. You have the final word, as it is your body.
  • All of our evaluation tests and procedures are painless, and harmless. (with the possible exception of the prick of a needle)
  • All test results are reported to you, along with a clear explanation as to what it means with respect to your health + what you can do to "fix" or improve any abnormal findings.
  • When indicated and necessary, we refer and collaborate with other medical specialists.

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