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We take great pride in providing the finest health and wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the full spectrum of services we offer in our office.

  • Functional Medicine
  • In-office Diagnostic Lab Tests
  • Dietary Guidance
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Prescription Exercises
  • Lifestyle Guidance and Support
  • Shape Shift® Weight Loss Program
  • Low-level "Cold" Laser Therapy

Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine is personalized, science-based healthcare that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of symptoms and chronic disease. Uncovering the various causes of your health challenges reveals new answers and heretofore unavailable possibilities.

Once the real culprits are identified, help is on the way.  Guidance in managing your stress, exercise, sleep, and food choices, along with natural therapies and treatment, encourage your healing and recovery.  As you easily move toward a more natural lifestyle, balance is restored in your mind and body, and your ailments have to find a new home!

Evaluating underlying health challenges reveals helpful clues as to your health challenges, and depending on your condition, may include:

  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Thyroid Health
  • Hormone Balance
  • Digestive Health (GI tract)
  • Immune Function (and chronic inflammation)
  • Cardiovascular Risk
  • Bone Health (osteoporosis)
  • Oxidative Stress (low antioxidant reserves)

More information about More information about Functional Medicine available here.

Ready to take the next step in your healing? Call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, today!

In-office Diagnostic Lab Tests

To determine what is causing your health challenges, we may evaluate the health of your body's systems: immune system,


digestion, blood sugar regulation, thyroid and liver function, adrenal reserves, spinal health and balance, as well as your hormone balance and bone density.

We're also checking for chronic inflammation, excessive oxidation, and food sensitivities - all commonly found to trigger heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, and most other chronic degenerative diseases of our day.

In all cases, we always investigate the most common underlying factors that contribute to these imbalances, ultimately resulting in the decline of your health and promotion of disease:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Excessive Toxicity
  • Sleep Debt
  • Unmanaged Stress
  • Insufficient or Inappropriate Exercise

We utilize testing procedures that are safe, while providing valuable clues as to why your body hurts, is tired, or whatever might be your particular symptoms. To give you an idea, depending on your individual circumstances, a typical evaluation may include:

  • Thorough Consultation, including Medical History
  • Health & Lifestyle Assessment (review of diet, exercise, lifestyle, drugs, etc.)
  • Holistic Physical Examination
  • Blood, Urine, and/or Saliva Laboratory Tests
  • Specialized Studies

Puzzled by your lack of results? Find your missing pieces. Call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, today!

Dietary Guidance

An understanding about how to truly nourish our bodies is foundational to our looking, feeling, and functioning to our genetic potential. With the myriad of food labels, clever marketing, and 'expert' opinions everywhere, deciphering how to best feed ourselves and our families is more critical than ever.

Learning simple, practical, affordable, and healthy dietary guidelines can be enjoyable, delectable, and fun!

Learning largely unknown dietary clues specific to you could make all the difference in how you look, feel, and function. Call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, today!

Nutrition Counseling

The research is now conclusive: Due to current lifestyle habits, food quality, stress levels, toxicity in our environment, and sleep challenges, we now need nutrient supplementation to meet our daily nutritional needs.

The only question to answer is, "What do you need and how much?"  To enhance our patient´s return to optimal health, we provide specific nutritional recommendations and healthy food choices based on an individual's lifestyle routine and habits, as well as from blood, urine, and saliva testing (as indicated).

Discovering your specific nutrient deficiencies and learning how to easily replenish them, will help fast-track you to a better quality of living. Call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, today!

Prescription Exercises

Research has now shown that our joints are designed for movement, and not as much to support our weight. Our muscles are suppose to be doing the job of carrying our body and suspending our weight ... like in a sling.

This means that when your major muscles are conditioned, flexible, and balanced front to back and left to right, that there is very little pressure (weight) in your joints.

By strengthening the muscles that are weak, and stretching the specific muscles that are too short, rehabilitation time is shorter, and your are on the road to preventing future recurrences and injuries.

To determine which muscles in your body are deconditioned (weak), and which muscles are too short (to tight), we perform a specific biomechanical examination. Then, we teach you special "prescription" exercises designed specifically for you to help strengthen and correct your own unique imbalances. 

These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home, and our experience shows that they will reduce the amount of treatment, and improve the effectiveness of treatment you receive by as much as 30-40%.

Get the most benefit from your exercise time, and learn how to make it a more enjoyable experience, while avoiding injuries and pain! Call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, today!

Lifestyle Guidance and Support

What you can do for yourself - given the right direction, understanding, and appropriate support - is far more powerful and effective in helping you regain and maintain your health, than anything anyone else can do for or "to" you (e.g., treatment). 

Authentic healthcare education and effective support are the cornerstone of reclaiming new levels of health and vitality.  Through our evidence-based approach to health-responsible living, we provide you with guidance to help you:

  • Meet your body's dietary and nutritional needs
  • Get more restorative, healing sleep
  • Move your body (exercise) safely and more effectively
  • Improve your weight and shape in a healthy and sustainable way
  • Manage stress and expand your resiliency and adaptability

To efficiently and accurately assess and promote your health and well-being, we utilize a combination of questionnaires, examination, and harmless testing procedures.

Discover how to get well and stay well!  Call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, and get started today!


Shape Shift® Program

Oh no! Another Diet?  Far from it. The Shape Shift® program IS NOT about counting calories, restricting fat or carbs, or forcing you to do something your body wants no part of!  It is also NOT about restraining you from eating what you're craving, or exercising till your injured or blue in the face!

Instead, this innovative and evidence-based approach explores with you the many behaviors and lifestyle habits that 'drive' you to crave the foods that worsen your shape and weight, while increasing your appetite along the way.

The Shape Shift® program helps you re-establish your 'friendship' with your body, and create a new understanding that paves your way to your looking, feeling, and functioning better ... while getting to keep the remarkable changes! This common-sense approach to lasting weight and shape changes naturally lead to:

  • More Energy
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Better Cholesterol Ratios

...that can be sustained with relative ease, as it should be - yet rarely is.

The Shape Shift® approach forms the foundation of those guiding, wholesome, scientifically validated, principles to assist you in improving the:

  • Shape of your body
  • State of your health
  • Quality of your life

If you have struggled with any of these vital areas, the Shape Shift® program is the answer to the weight and shape challenges you have been living with.

To begin your Shape Shift® program, call our office at (772) 283-4046, or Request an Appointment, and let us know you're ready to begin, and we'll get you set up. (We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, as well!)

To learn more about the Shape Shift® concept, click here.

Low-level "Cold" Laser Therapy

Laser_photo.jpgUtilized by some of the world's finest sports chiropractic physicians, this specialized form of Laser Therapy has been demonstrated to accelerate healing and repair of joint and muscle injuries. 

Whether you have an acute, more recent injury, or a chronic, nagging injury, painless Low-level "Cold" Laser Therapy can help get you feeling and functioning better, painlessly and harmlessly ... and cost-effectively!

Combined with either Graston Myofascial treatment, enzyme therapy, home Prescription Exercises, and/or Kinesio-taping, Laser Therapy holds hope for recovery where little existed before. (Request an Appointment)

If you are considering surgery for a musculo-skeletal condition, it might be wise to first see if you are a candidate for Laser Therapy, and the associated treatment modalities mentioned above, before having the procedure. It could potentially spare you the risk and extended recovery time associated with surgery.

If you already had surgery, post-surgical application of Low-level "Cold" Laser Therapy has been shown to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation, reduce recovery time, and accelerate healing and repair.

To learn more, click here


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