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Immune Screening

The purpose of this Immune Screening is to help provide you with some specific, safe, and practical steps you can take to help your immune system work more efficiently and effectively.

Although there is never any guarantee that you will or will not get the flu despite your best efforts, the evidence suggests that there are specific things you can do to boost your immunity and help resist infection.

At the conclusion of the screening, Dr. Powers will give you your Immune Screening results in writing, and briefly explain your results.

PLEASE NOTE: Any information, suggestions, or recommendations provided as a result of your Immune Screening is not intended to replace the evaluation and recommendation of your primary care physician. You should also contact your physician if you have any concerns regarding any symptoms you have or are concerned about.

The Immune Screening evaluates several key areas that impact the efficiency of your immune system:

  • Dietary Intake
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Excessive Toxic Burden
  • Sleep Debt
  • Unmanaged Stress

These areas are evaluated with the help of the following:

  • Urine test (check for Vitamin C levels)
  • Taste test (check for Zinc levels)
  • Heart Rate Variability test (HRV) (check stress management and sleep debt)
  • Diet Questionnaire (evaluate diet)
  • Sleep Debt Questionnaire (check sleep debt)
  • Health History (check for sources of stress)

NOTE: All tests are painless and harmless.

Immune Screening Process:

  1. Call and schedule your appointment for your Immune Screening (772-283-4046)
  2. Stop by the office to pick up your urine cup and instructions
  3. Day of your Immune Screening, you will:
    • Complete Health History and associated questionnaires
    • Receive your HRV test, taste test, and urine test
    • Consult with Dr. Powers about your test results and recommendations
      • NOTE: You will be scheduled for a 10 minute appointment with the doctor. If you feel you would like additional time with Dr. Powers, you will have an opportunity to schedule a follow-up appointment.
    • You will receive your Immune Screening test results in writing during your consultation with Dr. Powers.

Immune Screening Details:

Cost: The testing, evaluation and consultation, included in the Immune Screening, is $235.

Time: Please allow about an hour and a half for your Immune Screening appointment.

Question & Answers:

Will the doctor be recommending supplements?

Answer: He may. There are a number of immune boosting supplements that Dr. Powers has researched and determined to be effective. Some of these products may be available in our Clinic Pharmacy.

However, specific recommendations will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation with Dr. Powers after you complete your Immune Screening.

How old must your be to receive the Immune Screening?

Answer: There is no age limit, however, depending on how young the person is, there may be some tests that won't be evaluated. If the person being evaluated is a minor, the parent or guardian must be present during the screening.

What is included in my Immune Screening test results?

Answer: Click here for a sample Immune Screening results report.


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