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Based on Dr. Powers' 30+ years of clinical experience and the multitude of treatment options available, it is likely we can assist you in feeling, looking, and/or functioning better.


The purpose of this first visit is to:

  • discuss with Dr. Powers your symptoms and goals
  • learn how he feels he can help you.
  • provide the doctor with some "clues" as to the causes of your health challenges.

A full hour is reserved with Dr. Powers for this initial consultation so he has time to review your medical and health history in sufficient detail, so he may glean enough information to begin formulating an impression of what may be undermining your health and well-being.

This hour also enables Dr. Powers to be sure he understands your health concerns and needs, and enables him to determine the best course of action to take to help you feel and function better, and as quickly as possible.

Note: Please bring any relevant test results or reports with you.

After Dr. Powers has a clear picture of your health and medical history, and what you hope to gain from his care, he will share some ideas of how he feels he can help you, and clarify the testing that will be helpful to properly and adequately evaluate your condition.

The specific tests Dr. Powers recommends are based on your needs and specific health goals. You will have the option to choose from several "levels" of evaluation, depending on how important it is for you to feel better sooner than later; and according to your healthcare budget:

  • "Limited" - a minimal amount of testing, and usually more appropriate for less complex health challenges that have developed more recently;
  • "Intermediate" - is an evaluation somewhere between the Limited and Comprehensive levels;
  • "Comprehensive" - involves a deeper investigation into the underlying causes of more chronic and complex conditions.

Note: To help ensure you receive the safest and most effective guidance, healthcare recommendations will not be made on your first visit (in most cases), as examination and testing usually needs to be completed before a proper diagnosis can be made and the most effective recommendations offered.

New Client Visit Fees: (Payment options)

Adult - Initial Consultation: 60 minutes; $240

  • Examination and/or treatment is NOT performed during this visit UNLESS your primary purpose of your visit relates to a muscle or joint injury or condition (e.g., back, neck, shoulder, knee, etc.).

Children - Initial Consultation: 45 minutes; $180

  • Children with complex and/or chronic conditions may require additional time in consultation, billed at $60 per 15 minutes.
  • Examination IS usually performed during this visit; initial treatment recommendations are OFTEN provided, as well.


In most instances, at the conclusion of your Initial Consultation Dr. Powers will recommend that you schedule a follow-up visit for testing and examination (click here for details). We try our best to accommodate this appointment within the week to expedite your care.

Upon completion of your Evaluation Visit, Dr. Powers will often offer some preliminary recommendations so you can already begin to make some progress with your healing before the evaluation results are in.

Fees for the Evaluation Visit are discussed at your Initial Consultation visit, and are based on the specific testing prescribed by Dr. Powers, and on what you feel is within your healthcare budget.

Note: All testing usually occurs at Dr. Powers' office, including any blood testing. (If you are an out-of-town client, blood test prescriptions can be written so you can be tested in your area.)


Upon completion of your Evaluation Visit, an appointment is scheduled to review the results of your evaluation. Our goal is to schedule this appointment as soon as possible - usually in about a week.

(NOTE: When the need for multiple tests occurs, we will usually still have sufficient test results in about a week to make recommendations to get you going; and then schedule an appointment to review the balance of your test results usually in about 2 weeks after that.)

At this appointment, Dr. Powers will share:

  • Your evaluation and test results, including their relevance to your condition, concerns, and health goals
  • Strategies to specifically help you heal (and feel better ASAP!), including:
    • Lifestyle recommendations (details)
      • Dietary recommendations
      • Exercise guidelines
      • Stress management tools
      • Restorative sleep guidelines
      • Detoxification, etc.
    • Supplementation (details)
      • Nutritional supplements - to replenish nutrient deficiencies
      • Therapeutic supplements - to accelerate healing and to help you feel better as soon as possible
    • Treatment options (details)
      • Low-level "cold" Laser Therapy
      • Percussor
      • Chiropractic care
      • Graston myofascial treatment; etc.
  • A plan of care, outlining follow-up support and re-testing (as needed)
  • Referrals: If your evaluation reveals the need for referral to other specialists for evaluation or testing, Dr. Powers will discuss this with you and explain why he feels an additional opinion or outside testing would be helpful.

Some examples include:

  • Radiologists - Breast ultrasound; DEXA (bone density); Carotid artery ultrasound; MRI; X-ray
  • Urologist - PCA-3 test (prostate health evaluation)
  • Dermatologist - skin cancer evaluation
  • Psychotherapists - emotional healing and support
  • Special studies - Breast Thermograms (breast health evaluation)

We highly recommend that you bring your spouse, significant other, or closest friend to this appointment, as their understanding of the findings and recommendations will support your progress going forward.

The fee for your Report appointment is based on the time required to do so, which is directly related to the complexity of the condition.

Most Report visits require 1-2 hours ($240-480) to review and explain your results, recommendations, and plan of care. The actual amount of time needed (billed accordingly) depends on the complexity of your condition, as well as your health goals.  (Payment options)