Payment Options

We ask that you please pay for office visits, testing, and products at the time the service or product is received.

For your convenience, our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, personal check, and CareCredit for services and products.

CareCredit offers a quick and simple means to receive a credit line that can be used for your healthcare costs. For more information, or to quickly check to see how much you are approved for, go to this link:

Our office has adopted this "pay as you go" approach to decrease the administrative costs associated with having to bill insurance.

This helps make care more affordable, as these savings are passed directly on to each client and are reflected in our current fee schedule.

Know that we are able to provide healthcare guidance and/or treatment to fit almost any budget.

If you have specific financial concerns or needs, please discuss the matter with our Healthcare Assistant at the front desk.

Health Insurance

Our office does not accept insurance assignment. If you have health insurance, we ask that you pay for all services and products when you receive them.

If requested, we will provide you with an itemized receipt suitable for submission to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Any reimbursement will then go directly to you.

Please note: We cannot assure you that services you receive at our clinic (office visits; phone consultations; lab testing; treatment; etc.) will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

To help determine which services may be eligible for reimbursement (and how much) by your health insurance carrier, please contact your health insurance company directly.

Medicare & Medicaid

All of the services offered at our clinic* do not qualify for reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid. (*with the exception of a chiropractic adjustment)

As such, if you are Medicare or Medicaid eligible, all healthcare services and products received at our clinic will be an "out-of-pocket" expense for you.

This means that if you have Medicare, under no circumstances can or will you be reimbursed for any services received by Dr. Powers, whether through Medicare, Medicaid, or by any other secondary insurance provider.

If you are still interested in becoming a New Client, before proceeding any further, please call our office at (772) 283-4046 and we would be happy to assist you regarding your eligibility for care at our office.

Auto Accidents

If you wish to receive care related to injuries resulting from an auto accident, Dr. Powers would be happy to assist you. 

However, we do not accept assignment of benefits. This means that you would pay for your services at the time you received them; we would then provide you with a receipt suitable for submission to your insurance company.

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Payment Options

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