Can we help you?
Chances are excellent we can!

Why? Because we look where others often haven't, uncover hidden problems, and offer real solutions to help restore order within your body.  And, once the true causes of your condition have been identified and addressed, healing becomes the natural result. 

Our holistic approach is very effective because it works with the healing forces of nature, while utilizing the benefits of traditional medical approaches, when indicated.

How long will it take?
When a Holistic Evaluation has uncovered causes of your symptoms or condition, selected treatment often brings some relief rather quickly. 

Total healing time depends upon the complexity of your condition, and centers around clarifying which action steps will have the most impact on restoring your health, and how creative we can be to help you integrate these recommendations into your busy life.

How much will it cost?
Your fees depend on what we do and on the wellness program that is best suited for you. Since your condition is unique, we begin with an Initial Consultation to discuss your condition, your health goals, and to review your medical history. 

Dr. Powers reserves about an hour for this Initial Consultation so there is sufficient opportunity to learn about and understand your health challenges and goals; for you to ask any questions you have; and so he can explain how he can help you, if he feels he can. The initial appointment is $300, which includes the doctor's preliminary review of your Health and Medical histories.

At your appointment, Dr. Powers will go over with you what he feel would best support your goals; treatment options, if appropriate; and associated fees. Then, you decide what feels right for you, and he'll guide you accordingly.

Know that there is always a 'next step' that will direct your healing in a better direction.

In many instances, Dr. Powers will recommend some testing be completed to clarify your specific condition and needs. State-of-the-art lab tests are available right in our office, and Dr. Powers will review what he recommends and why, as well as our fees.

Keep in mind that the deeper our understanding of what's causing your condition, the more specifically we can target therapies to help you get the most effective and lasting results.

We are watchful of your healthcare dollars,  and will always do our best  to provide useful guidance within your budget.

Why has our approach been so effective for so many people?
We focus on identifying the underlying causes of whatever health challenge you have been living with, or trying to prevent. Once identified, we then recommend natural therapies to support your healing  process, and offer guidance in managing your stress, exercise, and food choices. We also coach you in creating a balanced, healthy, and more natural lifestyle.  As your healing progresses, your symptoms naturally resolve.

Note: "Solutions" must be simple, practical, and affordable ... otherwise, they are useless! Our recommendations and program of care has been time-tested with clients over many years, with great success. (See Success Stories)

What happens when you give your body more of what it wants ... and less of what it doesn't?

  • Your shape improves in a wholesome and lasting way, while increasing your energy!
  • Sleeping sounder and awaking energized and refreshed naturally result!
  • Stress has less impact on your health and mental functions!
  • Your risk for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's is reduced!

What are the most common causes of your health challenges?
To address the most  common culprits that undermine your well-being, often resulting in pain, weight gain, fatigue, and poor health, we investigate and help you:                    

  • Replenish your Nutrient Reserves
  • Improve your Stress Adaptability
  • Achieve more Restful Sleep
  • Design a safe and easy Exercise Plan
  • Reduce your Toxic Burden

In-office medical and healthcare technology helps evaluate your immunity, blood sugar, digestion, hormones, thyroid, liver, heart and circulation, bone density, back and neck health, and more!

During a typical evaluation we:

  • Carefully listen to your health concerns
  • Review your medical history, diet, exercise and lifestyle habits
  • Perform a Holistic Physical Examination
  • Recommend lab tests, as needed (blood, urine, saliva, etc.)

How do we determine what is creating your health challenges?
To reveal the 'hidden' pieces of your healthcare puzzle, we utilize a number of innovative assessment tools, according to your specific needs, challenges, and health goals:


What therapies do we have available to help you heal?
To assist with your healing process, we have available a number of proven therapeutic approaches:


  • Clinical Nutrition, for example:
    • Bioavailable vitamins
    • Chelated minerals
    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • Probiotics/prebiotics
    • Amino acids, etc.
  • Botanical (herbal) medicine, for:
    • Digestion and gut support
    • Pain and inflammation
    • Blood sugar balance
    • Immune support, etc.
  • Bio-identical hormones
    • Sex hormones
    • Thyroid
    • Adrenal (stress)
    • Anabolic (DHEA)
  • Homeopathy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • "Cold" Laser Therapy

How do we guide you in becoming more Health-Responsible?
Your 'life-assurance' is centered around your learning, and then implementing, healthy habits, through regular review of authentic educational resources. Remember, knowledge without appropriate action changes nothing.


  • Lifestyle Education
  • Learning Modules (classroom and online)
  • Support Calls
  • Health Coaching
  • Dietary & Exercise Guidance
  • Stress Management

In summary, we have found that looking below the surface reveals the true causes of illness, enabling us to create an effective healing program for our clients.

Our focus is to teach, inspire, and support you in improving your health and quality of your day-to-day living through the use of the most effective health interventions and educational resources available today.

Look, feel, and function to your genetic capacity, learn more >>>
Practical, authentic guidance and wholesome support adds up to a healthier you.

Specialized Testing pinpoints underlying causes of your weight, shape, and health challenges, learn more >>>
Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging your health and weight loss efforts with affordable, targeted testing.

Having trouble keeping off the weight? learn more >>>
Research shows that dieting (calorie restriction) is NOT the answer, but can actually cause your body to hold on tightly to your body fat.

Swine Flu: Should you be alarmed? learn more >>>
With the current level of concern surrounding the H1N1 Swine Flu, being more informed is empowering.

Find out specifically what your body (or mind) needs to feel better, learn more >>>
State-of-the-art evaluation technology helps identify key underlying causes of fatigue, pain, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and more.

Supplements: Do you need them, and if so, which ones and how much? learn more >>>
Proper, individualized nutrient support lowering your risk for disease, and accelerating healing and recovery from most health challenges ... is now well documented.

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Experience the same therapy that helped Lance Armstrong win 7 Tour de France races!  Realize pain relief when other therapies have failed. Prevent injuries, back pain, and much more.


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