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Meet the Doctor

About Dr. Richard Powers ...

Over the last thirty-plus years in practice, witnessing literally thousands of clients, friends, and family members suffering and incapacitated from largely preventable ailments, Dr. Powers has devoted himself to closing the 'gap' between what people think supports their health, and what actually does … based on the most current and authentic research to date.

Invited to speak as an expert on diet and nutrition, he has appeared on both cable network broadcasts and radio talk shows, and has been teaching courses in healthy living and thinking to both health professionals and to the public for over twenty-five years.

Education & Training
After completing a premedical curriculum at Tulane University, Dr. Powers received his doctorate in chiropractic medicine in 1980 from Life Chiropractic College, graduating summa cum laude, and Salutatorian of his class.

Since then, he has received extensive post-graduate training both in the U.S. and in Europe, and is now well versed in the fields of biological and functional medicine, clinical nutrition, dietary guidance, exercise physiology, homeopathy, and low-level 'cold' laser therapy (under tutelage of Dr. Jeff Spencer, DC).

To help screen for more compatible and effective nutritional solutions for his clients, Dr. Powers has achieved proficiency in the usage of the Zyto technology, the latest development in electrodermal screening, .

He is a certified Health Coach®; a past member of the Health Coach® Advisory Board; and a founding member of the Health Coach® Certification Board.

Dr. Powers is also a contributing editor of ShapeShift: A Shape Intelligence Solution, and has received certification as a Shape Shift® consultant. As such, he is well qualified and experienced in weight management as well as lifestyle coaching for his clients.

He also a founding member of the Medical Advisory Board for Xymogen, Inc. - one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical-grade, professionally prescribed nutritional supplements and natural medicines in the United States.

Clinical Practice
With a staff of medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, nurses, and an administrative team, Dr. Powers established and directed the Holistic Healing Center in 1983 in Atlanta. Subsequently, he relocated to Stuart, Florida, and co-founded the Holistic Medical Center.

In his practice, Dr. Powers carefully listens to his clients' concerns, and then utilizes the latest laboratory and web-enabled technology to efficiently and cost-effectively identify the underlying causes of their health challenges.

He then designs and presents a wholesome healthcare plan to guide and support the restoration of their health and vitality in a practical and rewarding way.

By providing on-going coaching and inspiration, as well as regular, consistent monitoring of their relevant lab work, Dr. Powers supports the realization of each client's health goals.

SUMMARY: Dr. Powers Healthcare Approach
Dr. Powers connects people with the knowledge necessary to live more health-responsibly by assisting them in learning and implementing 'healthy habits' in a practical and sustainable way.

In concert with his Health Coach® and colleagues around the country, Dr. Powers is passionately committed to co-creating an 'epidemic' of health-responsible living.

Ultimately, he believes, creating more joy and balance in our day-to-day living fosters wholeness and vitality in our bodies, and inner peace in our hearts.


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  • "If you're looking for a great doctor who can cure your incurable, undiagnosable diseases and set you on the right path, Dr. Powers is the man."
    -Amy F.